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Recent Projects

90m Borehole Project

90m borehole projected completed in Essex to improve customers water pressure and remove water bills. This was a commercial site so we included a 80 litre/min at 3 bar booster system and full filtration.

Installation Complete

DAB E.Sybox

Iron Filtration

Waterdriller solve condensation issues

We were contacted by a customer to solve condensation issues from another companies installation work. It was apparent from our intial investigation the natural ventilation installed was not sufficent to prevent condensation.

We offered our mechanical ventilation design with new LED lighting plus a good well clean. Customer was really pleased with the results. We also had time to install a new DAB Diverton well pump to provided water for the garden.

Removing Ferns

Well Clean

New LED's

Fan Installation

Glass Cleaning

Zero Condensation

The Largest well we have renovated in Kent

Waterdriller completed a top renovation of a 2m diameter well in Kent. The existing old well workings were left untouched to provide an aged look with a modern glass cover.

Due to the size 6 x LED lights were installed including our zero condensation Autovent ring and extraction. We had to manufacture a bespoke structual cover to span the 2m width.

Initial Cap Removal

Gaining Access

Pump Works Inside

Long Way Down

Ventilation Installed

RSJ Supports

Autovent Ring Install

Glass Cover Side

Glass Cover Top

Amazing well renovation in Hastings

Waterdriller completed a full well renovation in Hastings including opening well to the full diameter, 110mm ventilation system, LED lighting, full well clean and glass cover.

We were really pleased with the results, especially the night time images.

Start of project

Inside well before cleaning

Inside cleaning

Tripod set-up

Well Glass at Night

Well LED's

Rebuilding a well with metal grill were contracted to renovate and rebuild a well using tapered bricks. The customer preferred the option of a metal grill in matt black, which suited their property nicely.

LED lighting was installed for full effect in the dark. Very pleasing results. Customer to re-turf area when ready.

Start of works

Well exposed

Bricking up well

Metal grill installed

Completed works

Various September Installations

Barn Conversation Filtration

Farm Booster 


Booster Pumps in 


Rodding points installed

Iron filtration system

Booster Pumps London

Glass cover in Suffolk were contracted to supply and install a glass well cover to an existing brick well including the zero condensation extraction system.

Using a bespoke mounting system the glass sits perfectly inside the well with condensation free glass.

Well inside before

Well before glass

Completed works

Well with glass installed

Well renovation in Cheshire are pleased to have completed a full well renovation in Cheshire. The customer was very pleased to discover the well during renovation works.

Having searched the internet, the client chose Waterdriller to carry out the renovation work. We have delivered an amazing condensation free well for everyone to enjoy.

Well before starting

Well reveal and top removal

Well fully open

Ventilation Internal

Ventilation External

Well Ring Installed

Finished work

Finished work

Well renovation in Grantham are pleased to have completed an amazing well renovation in Grantham including the new Waterdriller zero condensation extraction system.

Completed Work

Completed work inc Patio

Removed material during well cleaning

New Well Construction

Sometimes site geology doesn't suit a borehole. Waterdriller had a site with a very narrow band of gravel which a small diameter borehole would have yielded in sufficient water.

We designed and construct a 6m deep x 1.2m diameter will dug through the gravel and into the clay base. Following construction the base was plugged with gravel. 

This helps to prevent silty materials from clay soils or fines from sandy materials being drawn into the well. Any annular space between the lining and excavation was also filled with 40mm gravel. are one of a very small number of companies still constructing wells in the UK.

Starting Work

Into the water table at 5m

1.2m ring being installed

Ring Lifitng

Finished height, back filling required to complete

Well before test pumping

Amazing well renovation in Essex are pleased to have completed an amazing well renovation in Essex including rebuilding of the well, removing over 4 tonne of silt, cleaning walls, LED lights, Autovent Evo well ring and new glass cover.

Completed Work

Day 1 - Start

Well Exposed

Safety Platform Installed

Ready for rebuilding

First Brick Courses

Bricking to Finished level

Inside of well

Platform lifted out

Autovent Evo Finished

Autovent Fans

Autovent ring installed

Completed works

Thanks to all at waterdriller for the hard work. An amazing result, so pleased we decided to renovate the well

Jamie, Essex

Centre piece of a new extension in Snape

We are very pleased to have been chosen to complete an incredible well renovation in Snape, Suffolk. Works involved removing the existing concrete cap, installation of ventilation, new design well ring, OASE lighting and a glass well cover.

It was an interesting project for us, working very closely with the builder to ensure correct floor levels and timings. We are always grateful to customers for investing and renovating wells with glass covers, its not a cheap process but the results always create a very special feature.

Day 1 - Start

Removal of concrete cap

Well prepared for steel ring

Special ring installed

The Finished Job

Incredible Lighting

The well has added a wonderful feature to our new extension. The engineers worked very hard to ensure a WOW factor.

William, Snape