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Well Glass Covers - We cover the whole UK

A WaterDriller favourite - See our recent projects page

The modern alternative to the traditional well top is to have lights installed into the well and then a glass well cover over the top. This is great for showing off and looks stunning. 

Designing glass well covers is specialist so they will not crack or break under a designated load. It is usually 3 layers of 10mm laminated glass or 2 layers of 12.5mm glass which is then laminated together to create a near indestructible piece of glass.

Waterdriller glass covers and steel rings are of the highest quality, made from 6mm steel.

Condensation on well glass

Condensation can be a major problem with glass well covers. In fact apart from safety more consideration should be given to condensation than any other part of the project.

We have many years experience and can ensure your glass well cover is condensation free forever. Outside or external wells suffer severely due to the 'greenhouse' effect. It is essential we advise on air ventilation before the glass cover is installed.

Shown below is a site in Norwich before and after Waterdrillers work. The customer had previously ordered the glass from an online seller but required the waterdriller experience and expertise for correct installation.

Before Waterdriller

After Waterdriller

Condensation will affect external well covers more than internal units. At Waterdriller we are experts in keeping condensation to an absolute minimum. Our glass well covers come with a Ritec coating which helps minimize the ability of water droplets to adhere although this will not stop condensation if ventilation isn't correct.

To reduce condensation to a minimal level, we recommend for internal wells a minimum of 15000mm² (two air bricks) but up to 30000mm² (four air bricks) where possible.

For external wells natural ventilation is NOT sufficient. For external wells with a glass cover the Waterdriller Zero condensation extraction system is required.

The extraction system is silent and completely eliminates condensation. The fan unit is contained in a separate manhole or within the well. The fan only costs around £35 per year to run if operating 24/7.

Glass well cover - further detail are a leading firm in the UK offering a complete supply and installation service for glass well covers and refurbishments. We are 3rd generation water engineers and our guidelines are based on years of experience and installations.

We are yet to find a well that is a perfect circle due to its hand-built nature. To provide a quotation we require the maximum diameter between internal faces. We ask customers to measure N to S, E to W etc.

Our glass well covers are supplied with our bespoke steel ring. Our steel rings our manufactured by a local family run steel company insuring high quality and accuracy. The Steel ring will be laser cut to the required size from 5mm sheet steel.

Our standard ring has a 62mm base (although this can be adjusted depending on dimensions) meaning the ring outside diameter will be 124mm larger. The outer ring upstand is welded to the outer edge of the ring base, zinc primed and powder coated to grey RAL7001.

If you are looking to flush fit to FFL your builder will need to create a smooth ledge 32.5mm below FFL internal well rings. Once the ring is installed the new floor surface can be laid and grouted to the ring.

Each Laminated glass well cover has a 50mm sand-blasted border around the perimeter of the top surface. This covers the ring and fixings underneath . Each domestic cover has a distributed load rating of 1.5 Kn/m² to comply with BS6399. Covers with higher ratings are available for commercial spaces.

Before we install a glass cover our engineers place small translucent bump stops on the ring base. Should the glass ever need to be removed, it can be lifted using triple suction pads

Please contact us with your well glass cover enquiry

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